About me

I´m Celia, a classy independent girl with a warm and playful character homed in Madrid, but available worlwide. I come from Spanish, Andalusian (mother) and French (father) heritage which justifies my exotic eyes and my attraction for art and gastronomy.


Raised in Cádiz and since my youth I have been exploring over 15 of the world´s countries while being a ballet dancer. All the time I was looking for the perfection, to know new cultures and to enrich my self with each new friendship.


During those years I discovered my passion for art and architecture, fabrics, colors, their origins... I get post graduate education in Art and Design. Later I specialized in Interior Design, and started my professional career as an Interior Designer, combining my two passions: travel and discover new destinations. Always accompanied by "le petit amour de ma vie": MOJITO, my charming french bulldog.


Humor and laughter are very important to me. I love to make people smile and let them feel at ease. I´m definitely a real people-person! In my free time I love to read new books, to go out with the bicycle or skates, to visit new art galleries, to support

the Spanish theater and cinema and move my body. My body is therefore well-toned, yet feminine.


So far, my life has been one big exciting journey. Following my heart, along with my open-minded attitude, has taken me on adventures beyond my wildest dreams. For me, life is all about living in the moment. I don´t worry about tomorrow and leave yesterday where it is. This perspective gives me total freedom to express my true nature as an authentic, enthusiastic and charming young woman who never turns down an opportunity for fun and excitement. It gives me a thrill like I have never known before!


Many find my feminine and elegant but natural appearance irresistible. Just like a lot of men (as they say), I´m also a very visual person. My wardrobe is therefore filled with garments suited for any occasion, be it a business dinner, romantic encounter, or a weekend away. I can converse all night or play in naughtiness ´ti the sun comes up.


Do you dare to step into a magical and mysterious world with me for an exciting and secret adventure only we will know about? I look forward to meeting you.

I´m not a model, I´m the neighbor who crosses your way every day and greets you with a sweet smile.






Book: Nothing (Carmen Laforet)

Etnicity and age: Caucasian, 1/4 century

Film: Passangers

Size: 85B-58-88

Autor: Isabel Allende

Height: 166cm

Food: Japanese

Eyes and Hair: Blue and green/ blonde

Drink: White Wine and Champagne lover

Languages: Spanish/ English/ French

Fragance: Coco Mademoiselle

Shoe and Dress: 37 EU/ 34 EU

Flowers: White liliums

Orientation: Bi-curious